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On _This Film is Lit_ we finally settle the score on one simple question… Is the book really better than the movie? Bryan has a film degree. He watches the movie but doesn't read the book. Katie has two English degrees, so she does things the right way and reads the book before we watch the movie. Prepare to be wowed by our expertise and charm as we dissect all of your favorite film adaptations and decide whether the silver-screen or the written word did it better. Turn it up, settle in, and get ready for spoilers because This Film is Lit.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Prequel to #8 - Stranger Things 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Shrek Preview

    \- **_Stranger Things_** ** _2_** Review/Discussion \- **_Thor: Ragnarok_** Review/Discussion ** __** - ** _Shrek_** Preview ...


  2. #7 The Birds

    A handsome leading man, and his beautiful blonde companion do battle with dinosaurs. It’s _The Birds_ , and **This Film is Lit**. ...


  3. Prequel to #7

    \- **_Blade Runner 2049_** Review/Discussion \- Preview of _The Birds ****_ ...


  4. #6 Coraline

    A brave little girl, a sarcastic cat, and a fantasy-world that isn’t quite what is seems. It’s Katie’s favorite book, it’s **_Coraline_** , and **This Film is Lit**. We're planning to move to a weekly format starting next week (10/31). We'll be talking about **_Blade Runner 2049_**. ...


  5. #5 Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

    It's one of the most influential sci-fi films ever made... starring one of the biggest Hollywood actors of all-time... and it's about to get a sequel 35 years later. It's _**Blade Runner,**_ and **This Film is Lit**. ...