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On _This Film is Lit_ we finally settle the score on one simple question… Is the book really better ... more

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November 07, 2017 00:53:50

#7 The Birds

A handsome leading man, and his beautiful blonde companion do battle with dinosaurs. It’s _The Birds_ , and **This Film is Lit**. ...



October 31, 2017 00:35:32

Prequel to #7

\- **_Blade Runner 2049_** Review/Discussion \- Preview of _The Birds ****_ ...



October 24, 2017 01:04:32

#6 Coraline

A brave little girl, a sarcastic cat, and a fantasy-world that isn’t quite what is seems. It’s Katie’s favorite book, it’s **_Coraline_** , and **This Film is Lit**. We're planning to move to a weekly format starting next week (10/31). We'll be talking about **_Blade Runner 2049_**. We'll also preview our second Halloween episode (11/7) which will be a main episode on ** _The Birds_**. ...



October 10, 2017 01:20:13

#5 Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

It's one of the most influential sci-fi films ever made... starring one of the biggest Hollywood actors of all-time... and it's about to get a sequel 35 years later. It's _**Blade Runner,**_ and **This Film is Lit**. ...



September 26, 2017 01:05:20

#4 The Wizard of Oz

A film adaptation so ubiquitous, so timeless, everyone has seen it... at least once, and even if you haven't—you recognize all the references anyway. It's _The Wizard of Oz_ , and **This Film is Lit.** ...



September 12, 2017 01:00:44

#3 Arrival/Story of Your Life

You know what’s crazy? 7-legged aliens that experience time non-linearly. You know what’s even crazier? Amy Adams wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar for this. It’s **Arrival** , and **_This Film is Lit_**. ...